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Shiawassee River Canoe Rental Routes

Trip 1 – Most Common for canoes and kayaks. This is not for tubes.

Byron High School to Walnut Hills

Route Length: 4.9 miles

Route Time: 2-3 hours by boat or 8-12 hours by tube

Trip 2 – Only available on slow days because of the logistics of picking up from the end of the run. Call for availability. This is not for tubes.

Walnut Hills to Geek Rd Park

Route Length: 7 miles

Route Time: 3-4 hours by boat or 10-14 hours by tube.

Trip length depends on the depth and speed of the river, along with how much paddling is being done and if adult beverages are consumed.

Tube Trips

Our tube trips are a much shorter route in distance but still takes 2.5-3 hours most of the time, it starts at a private launch that in not able to be used by anyone other than Cheff’s Canoe Rental customers. The tubing trip starts upstream of Walnut Hills Family Campground and ends at the campground. I do not want to put an x on the map where the launch is because it is private property and not open to the general public.

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