Our Southeast Michigan Canoe Rental & Transport Service

Cheff’s Canoe, Kayak and Tube Rentals

We offer Old Town Canoes and Kayaks as we always have but are excited to introduce our new tube rental service also!

Canoes are great for a relaxing trip down the river, they carry a nice sized cooler with ease and can also take along “Mans best friend” Yes we are a dog friendly company, as long as you dog is friendly to others. Remember, your dog may not be the only dog on the bus.

Kayaks are for the people who are adventurous or simply dont trust anyone else in their boat…. It is also a great way to insure you don’t cause your significant other to go for a swim involuntarily.

Tubes are the ultimate in relaxation. You dont paddle or do anything but sit there until you reach the end of the trip. Just make sure to remember your sunscreen.